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l          What is “Radiation”?

Ø          Types of Ionizing Radiation

Ø          Sources of radiation

l          Applications of Ionizing Radiation

l          Effect of Ionizing Radiation on Health

l          Radiation Protection Basics

Ø          Time

Ø          Distance

Ø          Shielding

l          Detecting Radiation

Ø          Personal Radiation Detector (PRD)

Ø          Handheld Survey Meter

Ø          Radiation Isotope Identification Device (RIID)

Ø          Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM)

l          Radiation Protection Measures Implemented by Nuclear Power Plant

Ø          Nuclear Safety Surveillance

Ø          Processing of Radioactive Effluents Before Release

Ø          Monitoring and Control of Radioactivity in the Environment

l          Environmental Radiation Monitoring and Assessment in Hong Kong

l          Radiation Health and Safety arising from the Use of Ionization Radiation in Hong Kong

l          Useful Links